Паспорттук-визалык суроолор

Часто задаваемые вопросы:

The process is to contact us on WhatsApp or to prepare under below documents:

  • Printed form of 3*4 size photo with white background
  • Fee clearance from Educational advisor
  • colored copy of your passport, visa and last registration card
  • Spravka for visa extension from Student Affairs office (room #102)
  • Contract copy
  • electronic version of the picture (3.5*4.5 size) should be sent to International affair’s email ismiuk2018@gmail.com

You have to submit your documents 25 working days before expiration date of your visa

You have to go to Student Affairs office and ask a copy of your contract paper

If you get your visa in Pakistan, then within 5 working days after arrival, but if you get your visa on the territory of Kyrgyz Republic then within a day you have to submit.

You have to bring the certificate on criminal record of Kyrgyz Republic with all other required documents.

Use your refence number where is written status of your visa on the site

You can print it here: http://www.evisa.e-gov.kg/check_status.php

Submit your documents for the visa extension 25 working days prior to its expiration date.

If you are late, provide us the certificate on criminal record of Kyrgyz Republic!

  • Expiring date of visa
  • Reference number
  • Correct personal information on the visa
  • availability of a registration card.
  • Printed form of e-visa
  • Electronic version of the picture 3.5*4.5 size with white background (JPG file)
  • Visa fee clearance from Educational advisor (pdf file)
  • Contract paper (pdf file)
  • Filled visa application form (pdf)
  • Scanned pdf file of your passport and current visa (pdf)
  • Scanned pdf file of your trips to Kyrgyz Republic (green stamps on your passport) (pdf)
  • Scanned pdf file of all registration cards (pdf)


  • All this document should be sent once in one message, don’t send each of them separately!

  • Don’t forget that you have to submit for the visa 25 working days before expiration date of your visa!


1st step

Scan passport’s first page and last visa (which is to be expired) add both things in one pdf file but separate pages.

Name this pdf file passport + visa

2nd step

Scan contract papers and make pdf file. Name this pdf file contract papers

3rd step

Scan All visas and trips (green stamps) and add in one pdf file. Name this pdf file Trips to Kyrgyzstan.

4th step

Download visa application form, take a printout, fill it, paste your photo, scan and then convert into pdf file. Name this file visa application. Note: don’t forget to sign and put the date

5th step

One electronic photo of size 3.5×4.5cm should be in jpg form. Name this file electronic photo.

Don’t forget about your registration card, you MUST submit your passport within a day after arrival to Bishkek to International Affairs Office room number #101!

If you don’t submit the passport within a day, you will be responsible by yourself, which means you have to pay FINE to the Police department and bring a protocol paper!

Then the second, if you are in Bishkek but still didn’t get the e-visa, come to our office and check or you can submit your passport to avoid the registration card problem!