Disciplines – AMC


The teachers of the department conduct lectures and practical classes for students in humanitarian disciplines in the direction of “General Medicine”:

History of Kyrgyzstan
Russian language
Medical Physics and Higher Mathematics

Manas studies
Foreign language
Latin language
Computer science
Kyrgyz language and literature

Academical and methodological Complexes:

For all disciplines, there are educational and methodological complexes that contain didactic materials in the form of assignments and test questions for practical, laboratory classes and independent work of students, some of which are implemented in electronic form and displayed in the local network of the UNPC “MUK” for general access of students … Educational and methodical work at the department is carried out in accordance with the plan of the department. The teachers of the department published educational and methodological manuals, lecture notes, educational reference materials, tests for self-control by discipline.


You can get the full version of the teaching materials of disciplines at the Department of Humanities