University clinic IUK

The University Clinic of the International School of Medicine of the Non-Profit Educational Institution of the Educational-Scientific-Production Complex “International University of Kyrgyzstan” (MSM “MUK”) has the following subdivisions:

– Erkay Medical Center
– Medical Center “Kind Doctor”;
– Multidisciplinary medical clinic “Remedium”;
– Simulation Training Center;
– “Medical Center of Professor Kozhakmatova”.

Thanks to the ISM University clinic “IUK”, students have access to examination of patients and the opportunity to work with them, diagnosis of diseases and treatment of patients, medical procedures, postoperative dressings and surgical treatment of wounds, novocaine blockades, intravenous and intramuscular injections, bladder catheterization and others. procedures.

On the basis of the departments of the University Clinic, students take part in rounds, consultations and discussions of patients’ conditions at clinical conferences, round tables with the participation of the teaching staff of ISM “IUK”.

In addition, the university clinic is visited by highly qualified medical specialists from the CIS countries, India and Pakistan, where they conduct demonstration operations (master class) in order to exchange experiences and consult patients.

On the basis of the departments of the clinic, there are such departments as outpatient consultative, diagnostic and treatment and rehabilitation, therapy, cardiology, a children’s department and a day hospital, where students undergo industrial practice.