Goals and objectives

Head of Department

Dzhailova Baktygul Ramzanovna


  • Address: 720001, Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, 88/1 Turusbekova St., Amanat University Clinic, 5th floor, office 511.
  • Phone: +996 555 367 062
  • E-mail: baktyguldjailova@com

Goal of the department:

Organisation and conduct of all types of practical training within the framework of ensuring continuity and consistency of formation and mastering of professional skills and abilities of students in accordance with the requirements of the specialty “General Medicine”.

Objectives of the department:

  • Selection of practice bases according to the type of practice;
  • Conclusion of agreements with organizations and institutions selected as practice bases;
  • Providing students with practice placements;
  • Carrying out organizational activities before students go out on practice;
  • General organizational management of students’ industrial practice;
  • Control over the work of clinical departments on planning and organisation of students’ industrial practice in accordance with the approved curricula;
  • Analyzing and summarizing data on industrial practice.


Programmes of industrial practices:

Students’ industrial practice is an important part of the educational process in the training of specialists with higher medical education.

At ISM IUK, industrial practice is conducted in stages (sequentially) as students learn theoretical knowledge in health care organizations, corresponding to the profile of training of a specialist – general practitioner. Students systematically and purposefully master practical skills and get acquainted with modern medical equipment, there is preparation in the medical environment for independent professional activity. Responsible, competent clinical teachers are appointed to supervise students’ practice.