Continuing Education

Continuing education  is one of the types of professional training for employees of the enterprise, which is carried out in order to increase the level of theoretical knowledge, improve practical skills and abilities of employees of the organization in connection with the constantly increasing requirements for their qualifications.

Professional development of employees can be carried out as needed.


The main task of continuing education is to meet the needs of specialists in obtaining a full range of necessary information in the field of the latest scientific achievements, as well as advanced foreign and domestic experience in any profile.

In addition, the priority goal is to update the practical and theoretical knowledge of a specialist due to the increase in the requirements of the employer and the SESs  for the level of competence of employees for various professions.

The training is also conducted to achieve the following goals:

  • Motivation of the staff. When an employee receives knowledge at the expense of the university, he feels that the administration cares about him. Therefore, an employee of the organization has a desire to increase labor productivity;
  • Education of own personnel. This is the production strategy of ISM IUK

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