Discipline – AMC


The department teaches the following disciplines:

  • anatomy
  • topographic anatomy
  • histology

In accordance with the Regulations on the Educational-Methodological Complex of the Discipline, approved by the Protocol of the Academic Council of the UPK MUK No. 42 dated July 25, 2018, on the basis of the State Educational Standard of Higher Professional Education in the direction of training “General Medicine”, approved by the Resolution of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in 2015, by disciplines the department has developed and approved educational and methodological complexes and curricula that contain didactic materials in the form of assignments and control questions for lectures, practical, laboratory classes and independent work of students.

Academcal and Methodological Complexes:

When teaching students, the department applies modern methods and forms of education using the latest information technologies, electronic educational resources and other information systems necessary for the successful implementation of educational, scientific and practical activities.

AMC Histology
AMC Anatomy

You can get the full version of the teaching materials of disciplines at the Department of Anatomy