Information Technology and Digitalization Office

Head of IT&C sector

Togataev Adilkhan Jorayevich

Information Technology and Digitalization Sector of ISM IUK

The ISM IT&C Sector was established to provide support to the entire ISM infrastructure on IT and digitalization issues.

Goals of the sector:

  • Development of information technology within the framework of ISM activities.
  • Maintaining the ISM network in a serviceable condition.
  • Ensuring uninterrupted operation of equipment and users.
  • Automation and digitalization of all ISM educational processes

Objectives of the sector:

  • Introduction of automated management systems in the educational process of ISM.
  • Conducting training seminars on the use of software in education.
  • Identify and promptly resolve equipment and user outages.
  • Provision of server equipment operability

Eastern Medical Campus:

Head of ITIC ISM, office №502

Morphological corpus:

IT&C engineer ISM, office  №501

IUK University Hospital:

IT&C engineer ISM, office №501



Number: +996 (312) 53-03-35