Education Office

Head of the Education Sector of ISM

Talaybekova Adinai Talaybekovna

Goals of the Education Sector of ISM IUK

The Education Sector was established to organize the educational process on the Medical Business programme, to provide conditions for its improvement. As part of the Department of Education NCEI ESPC “IUK”. Performs tasks on planning and organisation of educational process on all courses, development of normative documentation on educational work, diagnostics of educational process, statistical processing of results of attestations, makes summary statistical reports on movement of contingent of students, annual report of ISM on educational work.
 Participates in preparation and approval of working curricula, schedules of educational process. Education Sector together with the Department of Education prepares packages of documents for licensing, attestation and accreditation of the university, prepares materials for rating assessment of the speciality, controls the planning and implementation of teaching load of the teaching staff.

Objectives of the sector:

    • planning, organisation and control of the educational process;
    • Coordinating the student population database;
    • implementation of all types of reporting on the issues of educational activities of the university;
    • Coordination of work on the introduction and use of the point-rating system of training and evaluation of students’ progress;
    • Analysing student performance;
    • Coordinating the distribution of teaching load to the lecturers of the departments;
    • analyzing the fulfilment of the teaching load by the lecturers of the departments;
    • collection and submission of materials on the educational process for licensing and accreditation of the university;
    • regular inspections of the observance of labour discipline by teachers, student attendance, accounting and optimization of the use of classroom resources, control of class schedules, etc.



  • Contact information
  • 0 (312) 53 36 68
  • 7 April St. 7 April 6, Eastern Medical Campus