Students Affairs Office

Chief specialist of the Student Sector

Usenova Aziza Rakhatbekovna


Goals of the Student Sector are: to carry out administrative activities in accordance with the mission of the university; to work systematically with students from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the Republic of India, the Arab Republic of Egypt and other countries, from their enrollment to graduation, based on modern requirements of objectivity, trust and transparency, taking into account the interests and needs of students.


  • Admission of personal records of enrolled applicants from the admission committee of the university, their maintenance, storage during the entire period of their study at the university;
  • registration of personal data and student movement in the student database
  • making a written request to obtain documents of reinstated or transferred students from other higher education institutions;
  • providing ISM students and regional campus students with student ID cards
  • maintaining statistical records and timely submission of statistical reports to the relevant departments.
  • accounting and control of student contingent movement and timely provision of information on students.



Akylay Altynbekovna Zhalilbekova

Specialist of the Student Sector

Daudova Zhibek Toktorbekovna

Specialist of the Student Sector


Opoeva Aykanysh Kanybekovna

Specialist of the Student Sector


Work schedule of the Student Sector:

Monday – 8-00 to 17-00

Tuesday -8-00 to 17-00

Wednesday-8-00 to 17-00

Thursday-8-00 to 17-00

Friday-8-00 to 17-00

lunch break from 12:00 to 13:00


Phone number: +996 312 53-12-32


Address: Eastern Medical Campus. Bishkek, 7 April Street, 6, office 102.