Targets and goals

The activities of the ISM Student Council are carried out in accordance with the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic, regulations of the executive authorities, the Charter of the IUK ESPC, the Regulations on the ISM IUK Student Council and its work plans.
ISM Student Council is coordinated by the Deputy Dean for Educational Work.

The purpose of the Student Council:

In solving important issues of the life of student youth, the development of their social activity, support and implementation of social initiatives.

Tasks of the Student Council:

  • attracting students to solving issues related to the training of highly qualified specialists;
  • development of proposals for improving the quality of the educational process, taking into account the scientific and professional interests of students;
  • protection and representation of the rights and interests of students;
  • assistance in solving educational, social and household and other issues affecting the interests of students;
  • preservation and development of the democratic traditions of the student body;
  • assistance to the management bodies of the University in solving educational and scientific problems, in organizing leisure and everyday life of students, in promoting a healthy lifestyle;
  • assistance to the structural divisions of ISM IUK in the activities carried out within the framework of the educational process;
  • carrying out work aimed at increasing the consciousness of students and their exactingness to the level of their knowledge, fostering respect for property, patriotic attitude to the spirit and traditions of the University;
  • informing students about the activities of the University;
  • strengthening of interuniversity,
  • interregional and international relations;
  • promoting discipline and law and order;
    assistance in the implementation of socially significant youth initiatives;
  • analysis of the actual needs of ISM IUK students;
  • organization and holding of cultural events;

The student council coordinating team consists of an internal and external department:

Internal department

Coordinates the internal activities of the university related to student issues and shares all information, providing assistance wherever possible.

Promotes a positive image of the university, provides students with a good pastime by organizing extracurricular activities through different teams, such as:

Carries out all events and organizes related activities related to entertainment, decoration and logistics;

Organizes and conducts sports events to promote a healthy lifestyle and promote the development of young athletes;

Organizes educational events, quizzes, debates, information programs, scientific conferences, and provides students with a platform to test their knowledge and advance in their studies.

External department

Coordinates all external activities of students, and provides assistance in external matters.

He works on the creation of videos, pictures, processes them, and edits.

Works with the social networking platforms of the University and the Student Council, shares official information, and shows all the activities of the Student Council and the University.

Promote public speaking, shoot motivational videos, videos about the views of students, their experiences, provide literature and promote a positive image of the university.