Useful links

For medical students, there are several useful links where ISM students can find notes, clinical links, e-books, articles, diagrams, question banks and discuss forums of medical students on social media and much more.

General – Search articles, case reports, research, journals, etc using the power of Google Radiopaedia is the best go-to resource of radiology for every medical student and doctor. It is regularly updated and contains a huge amount of data-set. – A forum for medical students in Facebook. It is spam free and has enough support and resources. – A digital database by Elsevier with tons of medical pieces of information. – Every medical student’s goto reference site. – Free uptodate subscription for medical students offered by Global Health Delivery. Uptodate is the most updated clinical reference trusted by doctors throughout the world. – Medical wiki of high yield mind maps. – Wiki of the The living textbook of medicine20 – Summaries of useful clinical studies – Forum thread with lots of good links, broken down by topic – An android app having must know points. Also contains quizes and high yield facts.
Anatomy – 3D Anatomy – Interactive neuroanatomy atlas – Simplified spinal tracts cross sections – Eyes

Clinical – Clinical skills videos by Stanford Medicine Staffs. – Clinical skills videos, some other non-clinical stuff too – Identifying heart/lung sounds – The Auscultation Assistant – ECG training/interpretation/practice – ECG interpretation practice – Text based ECG interpretation (not image based) – Blood gas & acidosis/alkalosis practice – ECG STEMI Morphology Quiz

Embryology – An online course in embryology

Histology – Shotgun histology tutorials – Online histology guide – Lots of interactive slides and guides – Labelled slides
Imaging – Navigable radiological anatomy – Radiology tutorials – Radiology wiki with lots of articles and cases

Immunology – Excel Sheets for Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Protozoa + Antibiotics/Antifungals

Pathology – Student-authored, faculty-reviewed pathophysiology, a brilliant site – Webpath, lots of stuff here

Pharmacology – Pharmacology wiki – Antibiotics usage spectrum – Antibiotics summary page – Antibiotics classifications table

Physiology – Handwritten tutorials (basic but helpful) – Khan Academy (basic but helpful) – Absolutely everything pertaining to embryology

Podcasts – Lots of topics covered, also includes mind-maps to go with each section – Emergency medicine, really interesting – Emergency medicine – Emergency medicine and primary care – ICU rounds – Scientific Medical And Research Translation, lots of topics covered here

Youtube – Khan Academy Medicine, a collection of video tutorials. – Illustrations by drawing for medical students
Practice Questions – Anatomy – Anatomy – Various medical quizzes Website to practise MCQs from all the medicine, surgery, pediatrics, basic science arranged subjectwise.