About the Department of Humanities and Natural Sciences

Head of the Department

Full name: Isakova Aigul Tursunbekovna

Academic degree: Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Academic title: Associate Professor


  • Address: 720082, Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, 7 April Street 6, Eastern Medical Campus, office 120
  • Phone number: +996 555 266 522
  • E-mail: humanities@ism.iuk.kg

About the Department

    The Department of Humanities and Natural Science Disciplines is one of the structural subdivisions of the International School of Medicine IUK.  The main goal of the department is to provide students of ISM IUK with the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of humanities and natural sciences disciplines for successful practice and professional development in the medical field.

    Our department is focused on the development of critical thinking, creative approach to problem solving, as well as on the formation of students’ skills of analysis and independent research. We encourage active participation of students in scientific activities, organize events aimed at broadening their horizons and personal development.

    Teachers of the Department of Humanities and Natural Sciences are highly qualified, have many years of experience and are ready to support students in their learning process. We strive to ensure that graduates of our university are prepared for the complex challenges of the modern world, have a broad outlook and the ability to self-development.

Objectives of the department:

  • Conducting a quality educational process aimed at developing students’ understanding of the interrelationships between humanities and science disciplines and their relevance to medical practice.
  • Development and delivery of training programmes, courses and seminars in humanities and science disciplines adapted to the specifics of medical education.
  • Maintaining the relevance and innovativeness of the educational process through the introduction of modern teaching methods and the use of the latest educational technologies.
  • Assist students in developing critical thinking, communication skills, ethical principles and professional ethics.
  • Participate in research activities aimed at expanding knowledge in the humanities and natural science aspects of medicine.
  • Collaboration with other departments at ISM IUK to ensure students’ integrated education and goals are met.
  • Teaching, discussions, group work and independent study of material by students.
Department Events
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