Target and goals

The purpose of the department:

Monitoring, ensuring the collection, processing and analysis of information on the actual state of affairs in the education quality system.

Department tasks:

  • Maintenance of the functioning and improvement of the quality management system (QMS) of ISM in relation to educational, scientific and innovative activities to increase the satisfaction of consumers and other interested parties;
  • Development, implementation, improvement of methods, tools and procedures for monitoring the activities of ISM;
  • Planning, organization and quality control of education, as well as tracking the dynamics and development trends;
  • Maintenance of the accreditation procedure for the educational program being implemented;
  • Conducting internal audits and self-assessments of ISM, structural divisions and processes, preparation of reports;
  • Consulting and informational assistance to structural units;
  • Informing the management and dissemination of information and analytical materials about the achievements of ISM;
  • Study of modern trends in monitoring and quality management;
  • Development of information, methodological and reference materials on the quality management system in education;
  • Monitoring the implementation of processes for compliance with the requirements of the ISO standard;
  • Raising the level of awareness and competence of ISM personnel in the field of quality management;