Educational and Methodological Office

Chief Specialist of the Training and Methodological Sector

  • Full name: Otorova Asel Anarbekovna

    Academic degree: Candidate of Biological Sciences


    • Address: 720082, Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, 7 April Street 6, Eastern Medical Campus, office 105
    • Email:

Goal of the sector:

Organisation and optimization of the educational process, monitoring of the implementation and improvement of educational programmes together with the faculty and students of the International School of Medicine

Objectives of the sector:

    • Regulatory support of the educational process in educational programmes;
    • Methodological support of the educational process;
    • Improving the learning process;
    • Planning and organisation of the learning process:

    – Curriculum Optimization;

    – Scheduling of the training process;

    – Scheduling of interim and final certification events;

    • Control over the implementation of state educational standards;
    • Development and implementation of new educational programmes;