Admission of students when transferred from other medical universities

Foreign citizens who are students of other medical universities have the right to be transferred to the ISM IUK, provided that the academic difference to be passed during the transfer does not exceed the established limits.

 The transfer of foreign citizens from medical universities of foreign countries is possible provided that the educational programs are consistent.

 To assess the possibility of transferring a student from another medical university, he must provide the following documents without fail:

– a copy of the passport with appropriate entry visa

– transcript

– a certificate from the place of study.

 The academic difference is determined by the academic and methodological office of the ISM IUK with the issuance of an appropriate certificate, the possibility of translation is approved by the rector of ISM IUK.

 If it is possible to transfer, the AMO ISM IUK will arrange the preparation of the necessary documents for obtaining the appropriate visa and the arrival of foreign citizens in the ISM IUK.

Upon arrival at the ISM IUK, a foreign student must provide the following documents:

 – a passport with appropriate entry visa,

 – academic transcript,

– original education certificate equivalent to the state document on full secondary education or secondary vocational education of the Kyrgyz Republic;

original education certificate, equivalent to the state document on complete secondary education or secondary vocational education of the Kyrgyz Republic (certificate of 12-year basic secondary education),

– 10 photographs 3×4 cm

 – application