Food and accommodation

The hostel dispensary of the International School of Medicine ISM-IUK is located at the address: 6 Seven April str., Bishkek. From the hostel to the campus is a 5- meter walk, and is a 5-storey building, 800 places to accommodate foreign students for the period of study .

The International School of Medicine makes every effort to ensure that foreign students get used to the new conditions as quickly as possible, fully focus on the educational process, fully develop their scientific and creative abilities, and therefore provide them with safe and maximum comfortable living conditions.

The social and living conditions of students in hostels are kept under constant control of the official representatives of the “Educational Advisors” company and the vice- dean for educational work of ISM. When distributing students to rooms, all participants involved in the process of settling students try to take into account their wishes as fully as possible.

Each room can accommodate from 2 to 3 students, each room has shower cabins, there are also surveillance cameras and a security service.

A large playground for extracurricular activities is also provided for students.

There is also a canteen for students in the hostel dispensary, where hot meals are served 3 times a day.