Simulation Training Center

Head of the Simulation Training Center

Dzhanybek Sherimbekovich Isamatov


Creating conditions for students to develop a wide range of professional competencies and firmly consolidate clinical skills without the risk of harm to the patient.

The Simulation Training Center participates in the implementation of the State Educational Standard for Higher Professional Education. At the Center, students learn manual and clinical skills using new simulation technology. To shorten the adaptation period of young specialists in medical institutions, timely provision of the full necessary qualified medical care to patients, and students, under the guidance of teachers, prepare for practical and scientific activities.


Organization and implementation at the modern level of educational and scientific-methodological work aimed at mastering the proper regulated professional knowledge and skills of students by the State educational standards of higher professional education of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Providing a material, technical, and methodological base for students mastering the professional skills of their future profession based on the widespread use of training equipment, simulators, and gaming techniques.

Conducting classes on mastering professional skills and abilities, current, intermediate certification, and final state certification with students; Implementation of educational programs for postgraduate and additional professional education.

STC stations

Based on the multidisciplinary Simulation Training Center, there are 10 professional stations where students have the opportunity to acquire and consolidate practical skills:

  • Station “Special Clinical Disciplines and PEP”
  • Station “Anesthesiology and Resuscitation”
  • Station “Surgery”
  • Station “Operating”
  • Station “Therapy”
  • Station “Obstetrics and Gynecology”
  • Station “Pediatrics”
  • Station “Ophthalmology”
  • Station “Otolaryngology”
  • Ambulance station



STC Specialist

Gulmira Urumkanovna Yndyeva