About the Residency

Head of the Residency Department:

Maria Sergeevna Shuvalova

Candidate of Medical Sciences


  • Address: st. Turusbekova 88/1, floor 5
  • Email:mapdo@ism.iuk.kg
  • Phone: 996 708 888 146

About residency

Residency– the stage of postgraduate education of doctors based on medical higher educational institutions, research institutes, as well as institutes for advanced training of doctors. Residency is part of a multi-level system of higher professional education of medical workers and in-depth postgraduate training of graduates of higher educational institutions in the field of medicine by the approved program of medical specialties. A resident is a person with a higher medical education who is studying in a residency program.

Residency at ISM IUK operates in a structural unit of the university – the Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (MAPE) ISM IUK.

Goals and objectives of the residency

The main goal of residency training is to train highly qualified personnel capable of carrying out their activities in a highly professional manner.

The objectives of postgraduate professional education MAPE ISM IUK are:

  • develop basic, fundamental medical knowledge that will constitute the professional competencies of a doctor capable of successfully solving his professional tasks
  • modernize the professional training of a medical specialist who will have clinical thinking, be well-versed in complex pathology, and have in-depth knowledge of related disciplines
  • explore in depth the methodological, clinical, and medical-social foundations of medical disciplines
  • develop skills, abilities, and competencies for independent professional activities

Directions for postgraduate education (residency) at MAPE:

  • 050 Cardiology (cardiologist) – 3 years of study
  • 149 Endocrinology (endocrinologist) – 3 years of study
  • 128 Traumatology and orthopedics (traumatologist and orthopedist) – 3 years of study
  • 084 Public Health (Public Health Doctor) – 2 years of study
  • 143 Surgery (surgeon) – 3 years of study