Monitoring and Quality Office

Chief Specialist of the Monitoring and Quality Sector

Full name: Bekibayeva Baktygul Sabirzhanovna

Academic degree: PhD


  • Address: 720082, Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, 7 April Street 6, Eastern Medical Campus, office 105
  • Email: 

Goal of the sector:

Implementation of monitoring, ensuring collection, processing and analysis of information on the actual state of affairs in the education quality system.

Objectives of the sector:

  • Maintaining and improving ISM Quality Management System (QMS) as it relates to educational, research and innovation activities to increase customer and other stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Development, implementation, improvement of methods, tools and procedures for monitoring of ISM activities
  • Planning, organizing and controlling the quality of education, as well as monitoring dynamics and development trends
  • Supporting the procedure of accreditation of the educational programme being implemented
  • Conducting internal audits and self-assessment of ISM, structural units and processes, preparing reports
  • Advisory and information assistance to structural subdivisions
  • Informing management and disseminating information and analyses on ISM achievements
  • Study of modern trends in monitoring and quality management
  • Development of information, methodological and reference materials on quality management system in education
  • Control of process implementation for compliance with the requirements of the ISO standard
  • Raising the level of awareness and competence of ISM personnel in the field of quality management