“Proverbs of the Kyrgyz people”

On 25 January 2024, teachers of the Kyrgyz language of the department “Humanities” of ISM IUK held an event among the students of the 1st semester «Кыргыз элинин макал лакаптары – Proverbs of the Kyrgyz people» The purpose of this event was to popularise the Kyrgyz language. The study of proverbs and sayings helps to […]

“Brain-ring in the Russian language”.

On the 18th of January 2024 the teachers of the department “Humanities” held an intellectual game “Brain-ring on the Russian language” among 2nd semester of the 1st year students.This event aimed to form students’ interest in studying the Russian language, to develop creative abilities and communicative skills. The event took place in the form of […]

Workshop “High level of practical skills”

On December 6-7, 2023 the Department of “Therapy” IUK ISM together with the Department of Student Support & Extracurricular Activities and Student Council in preparation for the State Final Attestation held a workshop “High level of practical skills” with the students of the 10th semester in the Simulation Training Centre at the University Clinic “Amanat […]

Workshop “Improving Surgical Skills”

On December 20, 2023, the Department of Surgical Diseases in collaboration with the Student Council, with the assistance of the Student Support and Extracurricular Activities Department at the Simulation Centre of the University Hospital IUK “Amanat Hospital” – was organized a 1-day seminar on “Improving Surgical Skills” for the students of the 10th semester. This […]


On 12 December 2023, candidate of chemical sciences, acting assistant professor of the department “Fundamental Disciplines” of ISM IUK Kadyrkulova S.O. gave a guest lecture on “Carbohydrate metabolism” at the Graduate School of Medicine of Adam University for students of the Faculty of Medicine. From the lecture students learned about the processes of carbohydrate assimilation […]

International Festival of Friendship “Rukhaniy Baylyk”

On 21 December 2023, students of ISM IUK took part in the Republican Interuniversity Festival “Rukhaniy Baylyk” among foreign students studying in medical universities, which was held in the walls of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy named after I. Akhunbaev.The students showed a dramatization from the novel by Ch. Aitmatov “The Day Lasts More Than […]

World AIDS Day event at ISM IUK

On December 1, 2023, the ISM IUK Eastern Medical Campus hosted a World AIDS Day Awareness Day for 8th- 9th-semester students, organized by the Student Support Department, Student Council, Department of Clinical Specialties, and Department of Infectious Diseases. The purpose of World AIDS Day, which is celebrated annually on December 1, is to raise global […]


On 20th of November 2023, the Department of “Fundamental Disciplines” of ISM IUK held a guest lecture for students of the Faculty of Medicine on the topic: “Coenzyme function of water-soluble vitamins”. The guest lecturer was a candidate of pharmaceutical sciences, and a teacher of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy named after I.K. Akhunbaev Ermekova […]

World Diabetes Day

On November 21, 2023, the Department of «Therapy» ISM IUK in cooperation with the Department of Student Support and Extracurricular Activities held a scientific seminar dedicated to World Diabetes Day, which is celebrated annually on November 14. The seminar was attended by students of 6th, 9th, and 10th semesters who prepared reports and presentations on […]

Rave Night Party in honor of the Halloween holiday.

The Student Council of ISM IUK organized a mind-blowing Rave Night Party, held at the exclusive VIP Hostel on the request of the students of our institute. In the midst of academic pursuits and the daily grind, it’s crucial to take a break, let loose, and immerse ourselves in pure enjoyment. Our students didn’t just […]

Visit of Mr. Rana Mashhud Ahmad Khan to ISM MUK

On November 9, 2023, Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan, member provincial Assembly of Punjab, ex-Minister of School Education, Deputy speaker- Punjab Assembly, Mr. Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan, paid a friendly visit to the International School of Medicine of the IUK. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted in detail with the educational opportunities […]


On November 1, 2023, an agreement was signed between the Chui Regional United Hospital (CHRUH) and the Non-commercial educational institution “Educational, Scientific and Production Complex “International University of Kyrgyzstan” (NCEI ESPC “IUK”) on the implementation of a public-private partnership project aimed at modernizing the CHRUH by creating an Academic Medical Hub. We would like to […]

Information seminar on the topic: “World Breast Cancer Day”

On October 27, 2023, initiated by the ISM IUK Student Council, a seminar was organized to mark World Breast Cancer Day, which was held jointly with the Department of Surgical Diseases and the ISM IUK Student Support and Extracurricular Activities Department. The workshop was attended by 2nd, 3rd, 4th year students who were given informative […]

“Striving for cleanliness.”

Coordinative Team of Student Council together with the Department of Student Support and Extracurricular Activities ISM IUK organized a Cleanliness Drive in which students of 2nd and 3rd Semester students carried out cleanliness drive outside the territories of ISM IUK Eastern Medical Campus and VIP Hostel.

Awarding with the badge “Egemendik kaarmany” and the diploma of the journal “Zhetigen”

In honor of the 32nd anniversary of the Independence Day of the Kyrgyz Republic and the 12th anniversary of the republican multidisciplinary public journal “Zhetigen” for fruitful cooperation and long-term work in the field of education and science, the editor-in-chief of the journal “Zhetigen” Zhumashev A.M. and Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the […]

Adaptation of first-year students of ISM IUK

The International School of IUKannounces the launch of a two-week Adaptation Week for International students, which will take place from October 16 to 28. This event is designed to help new students quickly adapt to new learning conditions, successfully integrate into the educational environment and culture of Kyrgyzstan «MENTORING» schedule from October 16 to October 28 of […]

inform letter Issyk-Kul

International School of Medicine of the International University of Kyrgyzstan and the Association of Resorts of Kyrgyzstan organize International scientific-practical conference “Problematic diseases of the 21st century, specific features of the course in mountain conditions” and  2-th ARK FORUM “COURT MEDICINE”. Date and place: June 29-30, 2023, Cholpon-Ata, sanatorium  “Blue Issyk-Kul”, Kyrgyz Republic CONFERENCE ORGANIZERS […]