Inclusive education

Inclusive education at ISM IUK is an approach to learning that aims to provide equal opportunities for all students, including students with different special educational needs and disabilities.

The basic idea of inclusive education is to create an educational environment that is accessible and supportive for all students, regardless of their abilities or characteristics.

The basic principles of inclusive education include:

Equal Opportunities: Providing equal educational opportunities for every student.

Respect for Differences: Recognizing and respecting each student’s uniqueness, abilities and needs.

Co-operation and Collaboration: Promoting co-operation and collaboration among all students, regardless of ability.

Individualized Approach: Adopting individualized approaches to learning that take into account the needs of each student.

Support and adaptation: Providing support and adaptation for students with special educational needs.

Inclusive education at ISM IUK promotes a society based on the principles of equality, respect and support for every member of society, regardless of their characteristics.

If necessary, the University develops adapted educational programs for people with disabilities, including specialized adaptation disciplines of choice, included in the variable part of the main educational program for individualized correction of impairments of learning and communication skills, professional and social adaptation in mastering the curriculum.