Residency is part of a multi-level system of higher professional education of medical workers and in-depth postgraduate training of graduates of higher educational institutions in the field of medicine following the approved program of medical specialties.

Residency at ISM “IUK” operates in a structural unit of the university – the Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (MAPE) ISM IUK.

The Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (MAPE) ISM IUK conducts training for residents in the following areas:

  • 050 Cardiology (cardiologist) – 3 years of study
  • 149 Endocrinology (endocrinologist) – 3 years of study
  • 128 Traumatology and orthopedics (traumatologist and orthopedist) – 3 years of study
  • 084 Public Health (Public Health Doctor) – 2 years of study
  • 143 Surgery (surgeon) – 3 years of study

How to enroll in the residency program at MAPE ISM IUK?

Graduates of educational organizations of higher professional medical education, as well as doctors and pharmacists carrying out practical activities in healthcare organizations, are accepted for training in the residency program at the National Educational Institution of Scientific and Practical Education and Production Company IUK.

The main documents for admission to residency are:

— personal statement of the applicant for residency, indicating the deadline for submission

  • diploma of higher professional education
  • certificate of completion of internship
  • personal personnel record sheet
  • resident registration card
  • autobiography
  • two photographs measuring 3×4 cm
  • Passport, military ID, and work record book must be presented in person

Admission to residency training at MAPE ISM IUK (according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic dated February 28, 2023 No. 106) is carried out 2 times a year.

Deadlines for the admission campaign for foreign citizens: as part of summer admission – from August 1 to December 1; as part of the winter reception – from December 20 to March 20.

Winter admission carried out during the winter period, is made for places left vacant after summer admission.