Admission of students with health disabilities

In accordance with the rules, PWDs are accepted at ISM IUK, who, according to the conclusion of the Medical and Social Expert Commission, are not contraindicated to study at the university in the direction of “General Medicine”. Upon admission, PWDs submit a set of documents in accordance with the rules for admission to ISM IUK, a commission opinion, written consent to the processing of personal data, including those related to health and confidentiality, is provided.

Training on educational programs of PWD is carried out by the university, taking into account the peculiarities of psychophysical development, individual capabilities and health status of students and on the basis of medical indications. Based on the psychophysical development and health status of people with disabilities, ISM training takes place together with the students without health restrictions of the “integrated learning group”.

If necessary, adapted educational programs are developed for PWDs at the university, including specialized adaptation disciplines of choice, included in the variable part of the main educational program for individualized correction of violations of educational and communication skills, professional and social adaptation when mastering the curriculum.