Student organizations

ISM IUK students are active members of the Asian Medical Student’s Association

The International Asian Medical Student’s Association (AMSA) is the most representative organization for medical students from Asia, the Asia-Pacific region and other countries. We are bringing together future healers from 17 full members, 2 associate members and 8 observer members who will be academically competent, proactive and socially ethical.

 Today AMSA has evolved into a dynamic, student-run, non-profit, non-political organization. With members and friends all over the world, AMSA has launched many interesting subsidiaries and activities to be undertaken regionally and nationally in member countries. With our great partners and sponsors, we can forge inter-organizational collaborations in academic, socio-cultural and public health fields, not to mention exchange projects that have helped foster intercontinental long-term friendships.


  • Promote understanding and experience of medical and health problems.
  • Defend humanitarian ideals and medical ethics.
  • Promote the interest and well-being of medical students in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.
  • Promote unity and promote deep interpersonal relationships between members.
  • Encourage collaboration between future physicians in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

Debate Club "Brain Up"

The debate club for students of ISM IUK “Brain Up” was created to expand horizons, develop oral speech, practice public speaking, develop logical thinking and the ability to work in a team. Public speaking can help combat stage fright by promoting healthy self-esteem. The issues addressed in the debate allow you to look at problems from different angles, thereby allowing you to come to a common team decision.

Communication is an essential element of human culture. In the youth environment of a modern computerized society, there is a problem of full-fledged communication. The laws of communication are assimilated in activities that are collectively forming in nature. One of the types of such activities aimed at developing the skills of positive altruistic communication is debated.

Debates are an actively educational game project-problem activity aimed at finding and organizing new ways of communicative communication between teachers and students, as well as students among themselves in student life. What is especially important in the current time of revelry of private initiative, selfishness and individualism.