Final State Attestation

ПРОГРАММА итоговой государственной аттестации выпускников Программа итоговой государственной аттестации (далее Программа) разработана в соответствии с требованиями ГОС ВПО, утвержденным приказом Министерства образования и науки Кыргызской Республики от 30 июля 2021 г., №1357 и учебным планом по специальности 560001 «Лечебное дело». Итоговая государственная аттестация проводится государственными экзаменационными комиссиями. Итоговая государственная аттестация выпускников проводится в сроки, предусмотренные […]

Academic calendar

Academic calendar of ISM IUK for academic year 2023-2024 Specialty: 560001 “General Medicine” Fall 2023 Semester Education process Session Internship Summarizing lectures St. exams Vacation 1 25.09.2023 -27.01.2024 12.02.2024-17.02.2024 29.01.2024 -10.02.2024 – – 12.02.2024-17.02.2024 2 01.09.2023 -20.01.2024 22.01.2024-27.01.2024 27.11.2023-16.12.2024 – – 29.01.2024-03.02.2024 3 01.09.2023-20.01.2024 22.01.2024-27.01.2024 25.12.2023-13.01.2024 – – 29.01.2024-03.02.2024 4 01.09.2023-13.01.2024 15.01.2024-20.01.2024 11.12.2023-23.12.2023 – – […]

First aid station

A trusted doctor at the health centre Gulmira Toktobekovna Zholochieva Medical center: It is a structural subdivision of the ISM IUK. The structure and staffing of the medical center is approved by the Rector of the University. In its work the medical center is guided by the current legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic in the […]

Rating of the best students

Top best students based on the results of the winter credit and examination session for the 2023-2024 academic year Omer Muhammad Semester 9 Group 20-DGP-2-19 Abid Aisha Semester 5 Group 2-DGP-2-21 Farooq Umar Semester 9 Group 24-DGP-2-19 Ahmed Arslan Semester 5 Group 7-DGP-2-21 Nabras Semester 3 Group 7-DGP-2-19 Zaheer Saad Semester 5 Group 10-DGP-2-21 Hijazi Saqib […]

Inclusive education

Inclusive education at ISM IUK is an approach to learning that aims to provide equal opportunities for all students, including students with different special educational needs and disabilities. The basic idea of inclusive education is to create an educational environment that is accessible and supportive for all students, regardless of their abilities or characteristics. The […]

Passport and visa issues

Часто задаваемые вопросы: What is the process to extend a visa? The process is to contact us on WhatsApp or to prepare under below documents: Printed form of 3*4 size photo with white background Fee clearance from Educational advisor colored copy of your passport, visa and last registration card Spravka for visa extension from Student […]


Regulations Instruction for assessing the knowledge of students in crosscutting disciplines and systems modules Internal Regulations for the students at the ISM Moral ethnic code of students Regulation on academic integrity Regulation on Best Student Contest Regulation on SRWS Regulation on the Appeal Commision RegulatIons on Summer semester and providing repeat course for students of […]


Time table for the 1st half of the 2023-2024 academic year Schedule of training sessions For students of the DGP 5 years                             For students of the DGP 6 years 1 semester (DGP-1-23)                    […]

Useful links

For medical students, there are several useful links where ISM students can find notes, clinical links, e-books, articles, diagrams, question banks and discuss forums of medical students on social media and much more. General – Search articles, case reports, research, journals, etc using the power of Google Radiopaedia is the best go-to resource […]


In accordance with the general goal, the following areas of student education have been adopted as the main ones in the ISM IUK: vocational and labour education civic-patriotic and legal education cultural and moral; sports and recreational education; work with parents; student self-government. Мероприятие Mass- cultural activities: The purpose of mass-cultural activities is to provide […]

Scientific clubs

The goals of creating a student research circle: The Student Research Circle (SRC) is a voluntary organization of students who have expressed a desire to master the skills of conducting research and successfully combine such activities with studies. The student research circle is a structural unit of the ISM student research society. The main aims […]


SPORTS ACHIEVEMENTS Taking care of the development of physical culture and sports is one of the most important tasks of any state.  In it, a person seeks to expand the boundaries of his capabilities, this is a huge world of emotions generated by successes and failures, the most popular spectacle, an effective means of educating […]

Student organizations

ISM IUK students are active members of the Asian Medical Student’s Association The International Asian Medical Student’s Association (AMSA) is the most representative organization for medical students from Asia, the Asia-Pacific region and other countries. We are bringing together future healers from 17 full members, 2 associate members and 8 observer members who will be […]

Resource Center

Resource center of the Eastern Medical Campus is a classroom equipped with desktop personal computers with Internet access. The number of PCs is 78. The main tasks of the resource center Conducting formative and summative assessments of knowledge using the WEB-system of online testing Providing students with access to local and WEB services Conducting lessons […]

Student Council

An important area of ​​activity for students, in addition to educational and scientific activities, is social work. A student self-government body has been created and operates at ISM IUK – the student council, which provides students with the opportunity to act as direct organizers of their activities. The Student Council of the International School of […]

Trust Box

Here you can contact the administration anonymously Regulation on the Trust Box E-mail: