Research activities

Research work:

The research work of the teachers of the Department of Fundamental Disciplines focuses on the study of the main biological processes and mechanisms underlying human health and diseases. The purpose of these studies is to gain an in–depth understanding of the fundamental aspects of medicine, which in the long term contributes to the development of new effective treatments and improve the general health of the population.

In particular, research includes:

  • organization of scientific research, scientific-practical and experimental work of the department;
  • development and implementation of the results of scientific and experimental research into the educational process;
  • participation of teachers of the department in scientific, scientific and practical conferences, seminars and symposiums;
  • participation in the development and implementation of scientific projects, grants and competitions;
  • Dissemination of scientific, cultural and pedagogical knowledge among the population, etc.

Scientific community

We actively support communication and cooperation between students, teachers and leading experts in the field of medicine. Students can participate in scientific circles, seminars, conferences and symposiums, providing an opportunity to share knowledge and experience.

Research of the department “Fundamental Disciplines for 2023-2024

Research work of students:

The research work of students is aimed at:

  • Immersion in the current problems of modern medicine.
  • The development of skills for independent scientific research.
  • The application of theoretical knowledge in practice to solve specific scientific problems.
  • Preparation for future scientific or practical activities in the field of medicine.

Students of our university participate in research covering a wide range of topics such as:

  • Molecular biology, studying the molecular mechanisms of diseases.
  • Chemistry.
  • Biochemistry, which analyzes the chemical processes occurring in living organisms.
  • Physiology, which studies the functions of organs and body systems.

Research work of students of the Department of Fundamental Disciplines for 2023-2024