Research activities

Research work:

Research work (RW) plays an important role in the life of teachers of the department, contributing to the constant improvement of the educational process through the conduct and use of current research and the latest methods and technologies in educational practice.

The main objectives of the research work:

  • Implementation of relevant scientific research;
  • Integration of the latest scientific research into the educational process;
  • Improving the scientific qualifications of the teaching staff of the department;
  • Compilation and preparation for publication of educational materials, monographs, scientific articles and reports;
  • Formation of scientific and pedagogical personnel;
  • Practical introduction of students and teachers to scientific research and their involvement in active participation in it.

Research plan

Student research work:

Student research work (SRW) plays an important role in improving the quality of training of future specialists and implementing the educational and research concept in education. In addition to basic knowledge, students receive a variety of skills that contribute to the development of their creative thinking and independence in the learning process.

Research work is carried out both during class time and outside of class time, continuing the educational process. Such research is organized through participation in scientific circles and individually under the guidance of scientific mentors.

To encourage active participation of students in scientific activities, annual conferences and olympiads are held. Outstanding students participating in research work receive awards in the form of commendations, certificates or cash prizes.

The main objectives of students’ research work are:

  • Acquisition of scientific research skills, deep and creative mastery of educational material;
  • Training in methods and means of independently solving scientific and technical problems, as well as developing skills in working in scientific teams, including familiarization with methods of their organization;
  • Stimulating students’ ability to qualitatively formalize and present scientific results.

Student Research Plan