About the Department of Surgical Diseases

Head of the Department

  • Full name: Alymkulov Muratbek Chinarbekovich

    Academic degree: Candidate of Medical Sciences

    Academic title: Acting Associate Professor


    • Address: 720001, Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, 88 Turusbekova St. 1, Amanat University Clinic, 5th floor, room 504.
    • Phone: +996 (705) 64 46 60
    • Email: surgery@ism.iuk.kg

About the department:

The Department of “Surgical Diseases” was established on 1 October 2020 by the Order №124 of the Rector of NCEI ESPC “IUK”. From 22.08.2022 by the Order № 210 was transformed into the chair of “Surgical Diseases”. The Department of “Surgical Diseases” is one of the structural subdivisions of the International School of Medicine IUK.

The main purpose of the Department of Surgical Diseases is to improve the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of students in various areas of surgical activity, necessary for the provision of surgical care to the adult and pediatric population.

Teachers of the Department of Surgical Diseases are highly qualified, have many years of experience and are ready to support students in their learning process. We strive to ensure that graduates of our university are ready for the complex challenges of the modern world, have a broad outlook and the ability to self-development.

Objectives of the department:

  1. To provide students with the necessary lecture, practical training and skills in the field of surgery.
  2. Carrying out scientific activities in the field of surgery, conducting clinical and basic research aimed at developing methods of diagnosis and treatment of surgical diseases.
  3. Organisation of practical training of students in surgical departments of hospitals, where they acquire practical skills under the guidance of experienced surgeons.
  4. Implementation of advanced training courses for surgeons in order to obtain the latest knowledge and skills used in modern surgery.
  5. Training of highly qualified competent professionals in postgraduate education.