Research and statistics center ISM

Mission and goal: The mission of the Research and Statistical Center of the International School of Medicine of the International University of Kyrgyzstan (ISM IUK) is the further development and promotion of modern methods of statistics, data analysis and experimental planning for effective reproduction of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel, consolidation of youth in the field of science, education and innovation, conducting research and improving the quality of educational activities.

Main goals: The main objectives of the research and statistical Center are:

  1. Conducting fundamental and applied (including clinical), experimental research in the field of development of healthcare and medical science;
  2. Implementation of educational programs of higher education in the form of practical training for students of the main educational divisions of the ISM IUK to train highly qualified scientific and medical personnel to form a personnel reserve in the Kyrgyz Republic;
  3. Participation in biomedical research as part of interdisciplinary scientific groups;
  4. Popularization of scientific activities through the publication of scientific, methodological articles, monographs, and participation in regional and international scientific conferences;

5.⁠Improving the quality of research and disseminating scientific results in highly rated international publications indexed in leading international databases;

  1. Introducing the results of scientific research into the educational process and promoting the practical application of these results;
  2. Ensuring a high level of ongoing scientific research aimed at increasing competitiveness among leading scientific and educational organizations;
  3. Involvement of scientific-pedagogical and other university employees, as well as representatives of third-party organizations studying at the university, in the research work of the Institute;
  4. Participation in competitions to attract external funding (grants, Ministry of Education, etc.);
  5. Ensuring interaction of the Research Statistical Center with scientific, educational, and clinical departments of the university, as well as third-party scientific departments, educational and medical institutions on issues of research and innovation activities;

ORDER No. 04 dated 01/08/2024

Regulations on scientific research stat. center

As a result, although we agree with the criticism in some circles that all studies are conducted to find the (P) value significant, it would be more useful to develop methods that will evaluate both methods together, instead of choosing one of statistical significance and clinical significance over the other, in order to obtain more efficient results in medical statistics. We are of the opinion.

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