Inclusive education

ISM provides admission of students with disabilities in accordance with the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On the Rights and Guarantees of persons with disabilities” dated April 3, 2008 № 38 (in the latest edition dated June 8, 2017 № 100), regulatory legal documents of the Kyrgyz Republic, Regulation on the organization of the educational process for ISM “IUK”, the Ethical Code of academic staff, employees and students of ISM “IUK” QMS P-3.3.1-2021

In accordance with the Rules of admission to ISM “IUK”, PWDs are accepted for the development of ISM educational programs of, according to the conclusion of the medical and social expert commission.

After submitting documents to the admissions committee confirming the limited health or disability of applicants, the ISM provides special conditions for passing entrance tests and certain benefits provided by the university. If necessary, and upon written application, the university develops individual curricula and individual study schedules for PWD.

The organization of training for PWD is carried out on the basis of the Regulation on the organization of the educational process for persons with disabilities ISM “IUK”QMS-P-3.2.11. -2021.

Conditions have been created in the ISM to ensure the possibility of unhindered access of persons with disabilities to the educational process (the presence of ramps, handrails, expanded doorways, elevators). Specialized technical means of receiving and transmitting educational information in accessible forms for students with various disabilities can be used in the educational process for PWD. For them, the university provides the production of alternative formats of printed materials (large font), provides technical means of e-learning, allowing the reception and transmission of information in accessible forms, depending on the nosology.