In accordance with the general goal, the following areas of student education have been adopted as the main ones in the ISM IUK:

  1. vocational and labour education
  2. civic-patriotic and legal education
  3. cultural and moral;
  4. sports and recreational education;
  5. work with parents;
  6. student self-government.

Mass- cultural activities: The purpose of mass-cultural activities is to provide a system of events, the holding of which allows creating favorable conditions at the university for organizing students’ free time, their recreation, raising the cultural level and as the basis for a correct and healthy immersion of a foreign student in a new social environment. Mass-cultural activities are carried out through: concerts, national dance and song competitions, creative competitions (painting, photography, poetry, prose), round tables, volunteer activities, developmental and educational events, etc. A foreign student, taking part in various types of events, has the opportunity to reveal his talent, distract himself from educational activities, give an opportunity to develop his creative skills, and also take his niche outside of educational activities.

Creative achievements: The main task of our educational institution ISM IUK is to ensure the development of a free-thinking personality of future specialist. A future specialist in the process of professional training must independently realize his capabilities, thanks to creative activity. Creative activity contributes to the manifestation of the future specialist of amateur performance, self-realization, the embodiment of his own ideas, which are aimed at creating a new, intellectual and moral development.

Drawing is creativity – Drawing is art

During quarantine, our students do not waste time. For example, our 4th semester student Porshiya Gupta uses this time to develop herself and improve her drawing skills.

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