About the university

The progress of biomedical science stimulates the development of medical education and its symbiosis with science, forms curricula, determining their quality, hence, and effectiveness.

In today’s highly competitive world, success requires recognition, which is given only by diplomas from the best universities. However, if a couple of decades ago the entire “medical and educational” color fell on the United States and Western Europe, today, due to globalization, the situation is changing rapidly. The combination of international and national efforts contributes to the development of medical education around the world and ensures the progress of this important section of human activity.

The International School of Medicine (ISM) as a structural unit of the Academic Consortium “International University of Kyrgyzstan” (IUK) was established in 2017 according to the decision of the 3rd meeting with the Intergovernmental Kyrgyz-Pakistan Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation.


The educational program “General Medicine” has been implemented at ISM since 2018 in accordance with the experimental curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic and the standards of universities accredited in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and a number of other countries of the British Commonwealth, as well as in the European Union.

Today, ISM is a modern and innovative institution, with a developed infrastructure, equipped with the latest equipment, a flexible educational program, providing individualization and professionalism, which enables our students and teachers to change lives and inspires them to serve our global community.