Doctoral studies

Head of Public Health and Medicine

FULL NAME: Gulmira Musaevna Baitova

Academic degree: Doctor of Medical Sciences

Academic title: Professor

Postgraduate and doctoral studies Ph.D. is a structural unit of the National Educational Institution of Scientific and Practical Education “International University of Kyrgyzstan” for the training of highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel.

PhD mission is to prepare researchers to achieve scientific results for the benefit of the development of society in the context of modern global trends.

The goal of the Ph.D. is to prepare, taking into account the country’s development prospects, competitive, highly qualified scientific, pedagogical, and scientific personnel with high spiritual and moral qualities, capable of independent thinking and ensuring the progressive scientific, technical, socio-economic, and cultural development of society.

License of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic No. G2021-0005 dated July 15, 2021, was issued in 10 areas and has a certificate of national accreditation

Doctoral studies are carried out on a full-time basis; the use of distance learning technologies is allowed.

The duration of mastering the educational program of basic doctoral studies in a PhD/specialty field is at least 3 years. Persons who have completed the educational program of postgraduate doctoral education and defended their doctoral dissertation are awarded the qualification of Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D./Doctor in the field.

Countries with which agreements have been concluded for the academic exchange of Ph.D. doctoral students, teachers, and researchers for training, short-term and long-term research internships, scientific and pedagogical practices: Kazakhstan, Georgia, Indonesia, Latvia, Turkey, Belgium, India, Iran, Japan, Russia, Tajikistan, and others.

PhD doctoral studies at the International University of the Kyrgyz Republic are recruiting for 10 educational programs:

561000 Public health and medicine