Best Students Rating

Top best students based on the results of the summer credit and examination session for the 2021-2022 academic year

Abdul Majeeda

Semester 9

Group 5-DGP-2-17

Mohhamed Mish Al Rilwan

Semester 8

Group 1-DGP-1-18

Majeed Abdulah

Semester 7

Group 5-DGP-2-18

Mehboob Khizar

Semester 6

Group 5-DGP-1-19

Omer Mohhamad

Semester 5

Group 20-DGP-2-19

Raza Aqib

Semester 3

Group 4-DGP-2-20

Arsam Muhhamad 

Semester 2

Group 19-DGP-1-21

Zaheer Saad

Semester 1

Group 10-DGP-2-21

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