How to enroll in the specialty “Nursing”

Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic They can enroll in specialized secondary education (based on grade 11) in the specialty “Nursing” with a training period of 2 years 10 months Required documents for admission: Certificate of secondary general education (original) Passport (copy) Medical certificate form 086у 6 photos (3×4) Entrance exams biology (major) Kyrgyz language and/or […]

Admissions committee

Admission Regulations Regulation on the procedure for admitting foreign citizens to ISM IUK Entrance Exam Instructions Instructions on the procedure for entrance examinations Admission plan Admission plan for the 2018-2019 academic year. General Medicine Admission plan for the 2019-2020 academic year. General Medicine Admission plan for the 2020-2021 academic year. General Medicine Admission plan for […]

Food and accommodation

The hostel dispensary of the International School of Medicine ISM-IUK is located at the address: 6 Seven April str., Bishkek. From the hostel to the campus is a 5- meter walk, and is a 5-storey building, 800 places to accommodate foreign students for the period of study . The International School of Medicine makes every […]

Admission of students with disabilities

In accordance with the rules, the ISM IUK provides inclusive and accessible environment that welcomes students with disabilities to study at the University in the specialty ” General Medicine”. The list of documents for admission of persons with disabilities: 1.Original and copy of the document proving identity, citizenship (passport/passport with appropriate visa); original and copy […]

Admission of students upon transfer from other medical universities

Dear students! Foreign citizens, students of other medical universities with the corresponding educational program, have the right to transfer to ISM IUK during the summer and winter holidays, if the academic difference does not exceed the established limits. Required documents when transferring a student from another medical school: – copy of passport with appropriate visa; […]

Entrance tests

Entrance examinations are held in the form of blank or computer testing. Testing is carried out in accordance with the educational core 12-year program. Entrance tests are conducted in English in the following disciplines: Chemistry Biology Foreign language. The total number of questions in three disciplines is 75 minutes. The time allotted for testing is […]

Admission of documents

A foreign citizen entering ISM MUK must have a certificate of complete secondary education with 60% rating scores, confirmed by a certificate from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic on the equivalent to the state document on secondary education.  When submitting documents, the applicant fills in the following documents: Application addressed […]

How to enroll in the specialty “General Medicine”

Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic Can enter the General Education Program in the direction of 560001 “General Medicine” for 5 years term Conditions for admission to the university: on the basis of secondary education; admission of applicants is carried out on the basis of the presence of threshold scores in the Main GRT test and […]