Entrance tests

Entrance examinations are held in the form of blank or computer testing. Testing is carried out in accordance with the educational core 12-year program. Entrance tests are conducted in English in the following disciplines:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Foreign language.

The total number of questions in three disciplines is 75 minutes.

The time allotted for testing is 90 minutes.

 Each question contains 4 possible answers, the answer attempt is 1 time.

If the student did not have time to answer all the questions, then the unanswered questions will be considered incorrect.

The minimum score that allows an applicant to participate in the competition must be at least 60% of the maximum possible number of points.

 Computer testing is carried out on the website www.test.edu.kg. The results of computer testing are indicated immediately after the completion of testing.

When passing the blank testing, the applicant is allowed after the identification of the applicant ‘s identity. The applicant is prohibited from bringing phones or other electronic media, textbooks and records. It is forbidden to talk and exchange forms with each other. The tests are checked on the day of testing.