Taking care of the development of physical culture and sports is one of the most important tasks of any state.

 In it, a person seeks to expand the boundaries of his capabilities, this is a huge world of emotions generated by successes and failures, the most popular spectacle, an effective means of educating and self-education of a person, there is a complex process of interhuman relations in it. Physical development is closely related to human health. Health acts as a leading factor that determines not only the harmonious development of a young person, but also the success of mastering a profession, the fruitfulness of his future professional activity, which makes up the general well-being and the ability to achieve the highest results.

 The purpose of physical education in universities is to promote the training of harmoniously developed, highly qualified specialists.

The course of physical education at ISM provides for the solution of the following objectives:

  1. education of students of high moral, volitional and physical qualities, as well as readiness for highly productive work;
  2. preserving and strengthening the health of students, promoting the correct formation and all-round development of the body, maintaining high performance throughout the entire period of study;
  3. comprehensive physical training of students;
  4. professional and applied physical training of students, taking into account the peculiarities of their future labor activity;
  5. the acquisition by students of the necessary knowledge on the basics of the theory, methodology and organization of physical education and sports training, preparation for work as public instructors, coaches and judges;
  6. improving the sports skills of student athletes;
  7. instilling in students the conviction of the need to regularly engage in physical culture and sports.

ISM student Rehman Yunas won a silver medal in armwrestling competition.

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