About the Department of Therapy

Head of Department

Full name: Gulmira Musaevna Baitova

Academic degree: Doctor of Medical Sciences, Prof. D.M.Sc.

Academic title: Professor


  • Address: 720001, Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, 88/1 Turusbekova St., Amanat University Clinic, 3rd floor, office #328
  • Phone: +996 (550) 796-883
  • Email: therapy@ism.iuk.kg

About the department

The Department of Therapy was established on 1 October 2020. By the order of the Rector of NCEI ESPC “IUK” №124 from 01.10.2020.

The Department of “Therapy” is an educational and scientific structural subdivision of ISM IUK, which implements educational programmes on therapy, methodical and scientific research work, as well as carrying out therapeutic work on the basis of a multidisciplinary medical clinic, supervised by the department.

The department trains highly professional competent students who are able to recognize and identify various symptoms and syndromes of diseases of internal organs, as well as mastering the methods of clinical and laboratory – instrumental examination of the adult population. The Department of Therapy will contribute to the realization of scientific-intellectual potential of students in science and professional activity in the world educational process.

Our department teaches important medical subjects such as cardiology, propedotherapy, hematology, endocrinology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, nephrology, pulmonology and polyclinic therapy.

The section of therapy plays a special role in the formation of the world outlook of a doctor of any speciality. It is the study of internal diseases that lays the foundations of clinical thinking, in this regard, no doctor, no matter what speciality he belongs to, can not be considered prepared for practical activity, if he is not familiar with the clinic of internal diseases. This is largely due to the significant share of internal diseases in the total morbidity and mortality of the population, objectively creating a consistently high need for practical health care in general internists. The study of internal medicine opens up unique opportunities for the formation of general clinical medical thinking in students in the process of training.

Objectives of the department:

  • Organizing and conducting therapeutic sessions with students at the University;
  • updating and deepening of teachers’ knowledge in scientific, professional and pedagogical fields on the basis of modern achievements of science, engineering and technology, informatization of education;
  • mastering new forms, methods and means of teaching and improving the general culture of the teacher;
  • conducting the educational process on the basis of modern achievements of pedagogical science, introduction of methods of activation of cognitive activity, technical means and intensive teaching technologies;
  • development and preparation for publication of curricula and programmes, training and methodological manuals;
  • conducting scientific research to deepen knowledge on topical problems of teacher training, professional retraining and professional development of teachers;
  • implementation of various forms of cooperation with local and foreign educational institutions, organizations and firms;
  • organizing the exchange of experience in the field of professional teacher education;
  • conducting research in therapeutic areas of medicine;
  • therapeutic work in a clinic with therapeutic, cardiology beds, an intensive care unit, an outpatient diagnostic department and an emergency room;
  • Conducting clinical reviews and consiliums on various internal medicine issues.