Targets and goals

Purpose of the dean’s office: Creation of favorable conditions for meeting the educational needs of students and their professional and personal development, increasing the efficiency of educational activities in accordance with existing regulatory requirements and modern educational technologies. Dean’s office tasks: interaction with the selection committee for student enrollment; organization and control of the educational […]


Standing orders Regulations on ISM Regulations on the dean’s office Instructions for teaching students in cross-cutting disciplines and system (clinical) modules About the repeat course About the appeal commission Job instructions Dean’s job descriptions Job descriptions of the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs Job descriptions of the dean for educational work Job descriptions of employees […]


Azimova Gulmira Ravshanbekovna Dean of the International School of Medicine Urazalieva Nargiza Abdukhalilovna Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs Kongaytieva Gulzhaz Anarbekovna Deputy dean for educational work Koshoeva Aydina Turusbekova Leading specialist of the dean’s office Beksultanova Gulasal Kanybekovna Dean’s office specialist Asanbekova Narine Avtandilovna Dean’s office specialist Imashova Nazima Mirlanovna Dean’s office specialist Bekbolot kyzy […]


Contact Information 0 (312) 53 36 68 st. April 7th 6, East Medical Campus