Early years. Gastroenterology.

  1. Rickets, classification, and clinical manifestations of rickets depending on the period of the disease.
  2. Rickets, causes, metabolism of vitamin D.
  3. Prevention of rickets (ante- and postnatal). Methods of prevention.
  4. Rickets, treatment (non-drug and medication).
  5. Spasmophilia, classification.Svyazrachitis with spasmophilia. Clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment.
  6. Latent form of spasmophilia, diagnosis, treatment. Outpatient observation.
  7. Spasmophilia, obvious form, diagnosis. Emergency care.
  8. Hypervitaminosis D, classification. Clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment, prevention.
  9. Exudative-catarrhal diathesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis. Outpatient observation.
  10. Neuro-arthritic diathesis, determination, clinical manifestations, diagnosis. Outpatient observation.
  11. Lymphatic-hypoplastic diathesis, determination, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and management tactics. Outpatient observation.
  12. Sorting sick children according to the “Pocket Guide” recommendations. Urgent and priority signs.
  13. Malnutrition in young children, classification. Assessment of physical development by indices (taking into account gender, height, weight, and age).
  14. Acute severe malnutrition. 10 stages of rehabilitation treatment.
  15. Malabsorption syndrome in children (celiac disease, disaccharidase insufficiency). Causes, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and management tactics.
  16. Lactase deficiency in children, causes, classification. Clinical manifestations, diagnosis, principles of treatment. Holzel type, Durand lactase insufficiency type.
  17. Functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract in young children. Classification according to Roman criteria.
  18. Dyskinesia of the biliary tract in children. Classification, clinic, diagnostics. Indicator of the motor function of the gallbladder during the ultrasound examination. Treatment depends on the form of the disease.
  19. Ulcerative colitis in children. The clinic, diagnostics, treatment, and dynamic observation.