National history

  1. What are the main hypotheses of scientists about the origin of the Kyrgyz?
  2. What does the term “Kyrgyz” mean?
  3. When was the Kyrgyz language formed?
  4. Who had the highest authority in the Kyrgyz tribes?
  5. By what time was the formation of the Kyrgyz people completed?
  6. In which work of the XVI century. for the first time the information from the epic “Manas” is mentioned?
  7. In what century did Islam begin to spread among the Kyrgyz Tenir-Too?
  8. When did the joint campaign of the Kazakhs and The Kyrgyz led by Ishim Khan against the Kalmaks take place?
  9. When and by whom was the Dzungar Khanate liquidated?
  10. What was the policy of Qing China towards the Kyrgyz in the second half of the XVIII century?
  11. When were the ambassadorial ties of the Kyrgyz with Qin China established?
  12. When did the conquest of the Chui Valley by the Kokand Khanate begin?
  13. How many years was Kyrgyzstan under the yoke of the Kokand Khanate?
  14. For what was the title of “baatyr” awarded?
  15. Who led the struggle of the Kyrgyz people against the Kokand conquest?
  16. What are the historical prerequisites for Kyrgyzstan’s accession to Russia?
  17. Who were the first Kyrgyz ambassadors to Russia?
  18. What is the role of Atake Batyr in establishing Kyrgyz-Russian ambassadorial ties?
  19. The Kyrgyz of which region and in what year were they the first to accept Russian citizenship?
  20. In what year did the northern Kyrgyz fully become part of Russia?
  21. Who was Ormon Khan?
  22. What anti-Kokand uprising of the southern Kyrgyz led to the fall of the Kokand Khanate?
  23. When was Southern Kyrgyzstan conquered by Russia?
  24. What is the role of Kurmanjan-Datka in the history of Kyrgyzstan?
  25. What is the significance of Kyrgyzstan’s accession to Russia?
  26. What was the difference between the process of accession to Russia of Southern Kyrgyzstan and Northern Kyrgyzstan?
  27. Which Of the Russian scientists and travelers wrote about the Kyrgyz and Kyrgyzstan?
  28. Name the akyns – representatives of the democratic direction of Kyrgyz poetry of the second half of the XIX century.
  29. Name the akyns – representatives of the “zamanism” movement.
  30. By whom and when were the excerpts from the epic “Manas” first published in Kyrgyz and translated into German?
  31. Name the year and reasons for the Andijan uprising.
  32. Name of the first Kyrgyz revolutionary, a Bolshevik.
  33. What are the reasons and course of the 1916 uprising in Kyrgyzstan?
  34. What are the consequences of the 1916 uprising for the Kyrgyz people?
  35. Name the period of the establishment of Soviet power in Kyrgyzstan.
  36. When was Soviet power established in Pishpek?
  37. What are the reasons for the outbreak of the civil war in Kyrgyzstan?
  38. What is the biggest kulak insurgency against Soviet power in northern Kyrgyzstan?
  39. In what years and why did the Basmachi movement arise in the south of Kyrgyzstan?
  40. What impact has the introduction of the new economic policy had on the economy of Kyrgyzstan?
  41. What was the main purpose of the land and water reform in Kyrgyzstan in the early 20s of the XX century?
  42. In what year was the first Kyrgyz primer published, and who is its author?
  43. When was the first Kyrgyz newspaper in Kyrgyzstan published and what was the name?
  44. When was Pishpek renamed the city of Frunze?
  45. Who was Yusup Abdrakhmanov?
  46. When was the Kara-Kyrgyz Autonomous Oblast formed as part of the RSFSR?
  47. When was Kara–Kirghiz Autonomous Oblast renamed Kyrgyz Autonomous Oblast?
  48. Name the chairman of the regional executive committee of the Kyrgyz Autonomous Region.
  49. In what year was the Kyrgyz Autonomous Oblast transformed into the Kyrgyz ASSR?
  50. When was the first Constitution of the Kyrgyz ASSR adopted?
  51. Name the first chairman of the CEC of the Kyrgyz ASSR.
  52. Who was the first to head the Council of People’s Commissars of the Kyrgyz ASSR?
  53. When did the process of settling of the nomadic and semi-nomadic population of Kyrgyzstan end?
  54. What are the most important terms of industrialization of Kyrgyzstan?
  55. What industries occupied a leading place in the economy of Kyrgyzstan in the 30s?
  56. What are the years of transformation of the Kyrgyz ASSR as a union republic?
  57. When was the Constitution of the Kyrgyz SSR adopted?
  58. Name a prominent linguist who was repressed in the 30s of the XX century.
  59. Who occupies an honorable place in the history of Kyrgyz folk music in the 30s of the XX century?
  60. When was the first higher education institution in Kyrgyzstan opened?
  61. Who was awarded the title of People’s Artist of the USSR for outstanding merits in the development of Kyrgyz art?
  62. When did the opening of the Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz SSR take place?
  63. Who was the first president of the Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz SSR?
  64. Who is the author of the famous painting “Daughter of Soviet Kyrgyzstan”?
  65. What is the true name of the akyn of the writer Togoloka Moldo?
  66. Who is I.A. Panfilov?
  67. Name the heroes of the Soviet Union – Panfilov’s men.
  68. When and where did Ch. Tuleberdiev perform his heroic feat?
  69. How many Kyrgyz soldiers were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union during the war years?
  70. How many Kyrgyz soldiers have been awarded the Order of Glory of three degrees?
  71. Which of the Kyrgyz soldiers was twice awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union?
  72. How much money did the country’s defense fund receive voluntarily from the working people of Kyrgyzstan during the war years?
  73. Name the composers of Kyrgyzstan who worked during the Second World War
  74. When was Kyrgyz State University established?
  75. What are the main reasons for defending agriculture in the 50s?
  76. Name a noble beet grower of the 50s of the XX century, twice a Hero of Socialist Labor.
  77. When was the second decade of literature and art of Kyrgyzstan held in Moscow?
  78. Name the famous narrator of the epic “Manas” of the 50s – 70s. XX century.
  79. Name the largest hydroelectric power station built in Kyrgyzstan in the 70s of the XX century.
  80. Name a prominent writer, laureate of the USSR State Prize, Hero of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  81. Who is T.U. Usubaliev?
  82. What was the essence of political reform during the perestroika period?
  83. What social movement was formed in the Kyrgyz Republic among the first during the period of perestroika?
  84. What social problems led to the Osh events of 1990?
  85. What are the reasons for the collapse of perestroika and the collapse of the USSR?
  86. Since when has Kyrgyzstan been a sovereign state?
  87. In what year did Kyrgyzstan become a member of the CIS?
  88. In what year was the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic adopted?
  89. When was the state symbols of the Kyrgyz Republic adopted?
  90. When was the national currency introduced in Kyrgyzstan?
  91. Who and when was elected the first president of the Kyrgyz Republic?
  92. Which country’s embassy and in what year was it the first to be opened in Kyrgyzstan?
  93. When did the Kyrgyz Republic become a member of the UN?
  94. In which foreign country did the Kyrgyz Republic open its embassy for the first time?
  95. When did the world Kurultai of the Kyrgyz take place?
  96. Causes and consequences of the Batken events – 1999, 2000
  97. Causes and consequences of the March 2005 events.
  98. What are the reasons for the April Revolution of 2010?
  99. Which international organizations is Kyrgyzstan a member of?
  100. Foreign policy of Kyrgyzstan at the present stage.