3rd year students of ISM IUK in practice “Assistant to a hospital doctor”

On March 2 of this year, the industrial practice “Assistant hospital doctor” for students of the 6th semester of the 3rd year of the ISM IUK started. The practice is organized on the basis of the University Clinic of ISM IUK and in three healthcare organizations of the republic.

During the internship period, students will consolidate their theoretical knowledge, get acquainted with the organization of the doctor’s work and medical documentation in the hospital, master the methods of diagnosing diseases and principles of treating patients, working directly with patients, acquire practical skills (collecting complaints, collecting anamnesis of illness and life, palpation, percussion, auscultation, etc.), learn the principles of analysis the initial data and dynamics of the patient’s condition, independently perform medical manipulations and procedures.

Under the guidance of the heads of the ISM practice and medical staff of the departments, students will master the principles of medical ethics and deontology, deepen their knowledge of conducting sanitary and educational work among the population.