Department of Fundamental Sciences

About the department:

We are glad to welcome you at the Department of “Fundamental Sciences” of the Center for Clinical Practice in Tokmok!
The Department of “Fundamental Sciences” was created in order to improve the organizational structure of management and improve the quality of education.

The teachers and staff of our department work to provide our students with conditions for full-fledged education and obtaining high-quality knowledge, to help them achieve their goals.

The department teaches such disciplines as:

  • chemistry ;
  • normal and pathological anatomy ;
  • histology , embryology , cytology ;
  • normal and pathological physiology ;
  • medical biophysics ;
  • general and clinical biochemistry ;
  • molecular biology ;
  • microbiology , virology and immunology ;
  • basic pharmacology ;
  • propedtherapy ;
  • proppediatrics ;
  • radiology ;
  • obstetrics and gynecology ;
  • Latin language ;
  • foreign language ;
  • Russian language ;
  • Kyrgyz language and literature ;
  • higher mathematics and computer science ;
  • story Kyrgyzstan ;
  • philosophy .

Target departments:

aim Department of “Fundamental Sciences” is to create favorable conditions for meeting the educational needs of foreign students and their professional and personal development, improving the efficiency of educational activities, in accordance with existing regulatory requirements and modern educational technologies.

The department sets itself the following tasks:

  • training of qualified specialists with deep theoretical knowledge and sufficient professional skills.
  • increasing the level of qualification of members of the department.
  • development and implementation of modern foundations of the scientific organization of the educational process and the introduction of new technologies for training and education.
  • high-quality organization and conduct of training and practical classes, laboratory and independent work of students.
  • formation of individual and alternative training programs, etc.
  • We involve students in various research initiatives and social events.

Teaching compound:

Duishenov Damir Arypbekovich

Head of department

Adnan Khan

Discipline: Normal anatomy, propedtherapy, proppediatrics, radiology, obstetrics and gynecology

Zhumakanova Nazira Kanybekovna

Discipline Chemistry

Imanalieva Nazira Dzhakypbekovna

Discipline Russian language, foreign language

Mambetbaeva Burul Kozhoevna

Discipline Kyrgyz language and literature

Muhammad Wasim Iqbal

Discipline Normal and pathological physiology, nursing, psychology

Tolomushev Nargiza Dairbekovna

Assistant departments

Chimyrov Timur Toktosunovich

Assistant departments

Shahed Muhammad Nadeem

Discipline Normal anatomy, normal physiology, microbiology

Erkebulanova Nurgul Sharsheevna

Discipline Latin

Training plan:

Cabinets and laboratories:

The Department of Fundamental Sciences has modern classrooms and laboratories equipped with the latest equipment in accordance with the requirements for laboratories for teaching disciplines.

In the classrooms, in accordance with the disciplines, information stands, laboratory equipment, as well as sets of tools, sets of laboratory glassware, sets of reagents will be presented.


Head of the Department of Fundamental Sciences — Duishenov Damir Arypbekovich
996-709 909 430, 996-771 909 430

Specialist of the Department of “Fundamental Sciences” – Kasmalieva Zhyldyz Muratovna
996-700 280 383 stellamk 10.91@ gmail . com