Bioethics Committee

In Kyrgyzstan, as in Kazakhstan and Russia, committees on biomedical ethics (CBME) are not created at every faculty or university, but as regional (regional, in large cities). Currently, KBME operates at the International Higher Medical School MUK, the chairman is Professor O.R. Uzakov.

Scientific student circles

SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH WORK OF STUDENTS: The research work of MSM students (SRWS) primarily follows from the educational tasks of the university and the faculty, and contributes to the training of a specialist in the relevant field of knowledge. Research work forms ensuring the unity of educational, scientific and innovative processes with the development of creative […]

Editorial and Publishing Council

In July 2021, the Academic Council of MSM MUK was established. The functions of the CA include, among other things: Approval of the plan for the publication of scientific and educational-scientific-methodical literature ISM IUK. Examination of scientific and educational-methodical literature developed by ISM teachers, recommendation of manuscripts for publication or for receiving the stamp of […]

Scientific schools

ISM scientific schools: Scientific school of Professor G.V. Belov “Epidemiology, pathogenesis and sanogenesis of diseases in the changed climatic and ecological conditions of Kyrgyzstan”, registered by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RAE). Scientific school of professor Akmatova E.M. “Biological Safety Management” registered by […]

Spec\Dissertation Councils

ISM IUK is a co-founder of the Dissertation Council D 14.14.585 for the defense of doctoral and master’s theses in the following specialties: 03.03.01 – physiology; 03/14/03 – pathological physiology; 03/14/11 – restorative medicine, sports medicine, physiotherapy exercises, balneology and physiotherapy. ISM IUK is a co-founder of the Dissertation Council D 14.18.583 for the defense […]


Monograph Aydaraliev A.A., Bokonbaev K.J., Obstacles to sustainable development of Kyrgyzstan. LAMBERT Academic Pablishing, Germany, 2018, p. 240. Remote and ground-based studies of the Earth in Central Asia (Aidaraliev A.A., collective monograph). City Print. Bishkek, 2019.216 p. Technical regulations in the food industry and water supply. Belov G.V., Kasymbekov Zh.O. Bishkek: Scientific School of Professor […]

Research topics of ISM

Scientific work at ISM, as in any university, is the most important component. One of the organizational forms of scientific activity is a new scientific direction, in connection with new challenges, the main direction of science has expanded and is registered in the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RAE) as “Medical and ecological safety of […]