Имя: Maaz AliТел: +996704734809WhatsApp: +996704734809Email: Welcome all the students in ISM-IUK. University life is a growing phase where you can polish your skills, develop habits and characters. So, try to avail every chance to learn new things and participate in extra-curricular activities. Pretend as you want to be in your real life. Be well […]


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Положение о студенческом советеСтруктура студенческого советаПлан студенческого совета 2019-2020 уч.г.План женского совета 2019-2020 уч.г.Отчет работы студенческого советаСертификаты студентовПротокол №1

Targets and goals

The activities of the MSHM Student Council are carried out in accordance with the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic, regulations of the executive authorities, the Charter of the MUK UNPK, the Regulations on the MSM MUK Student Council and its work plans.The MSHM Student Council is coordinated by the Deputy Dean for Educational Work. The […]