Khalilova Marina Vladimirovna Director of the Monitoring and Quality Department: Khitsenko Lyudmila Anatolyevna Usenova Gulnur Iskhakovna Chief Specialist of the MSM Monitoring Sector


Quality Management System CertificateQuality assurance policy in educationTransition Quality Management System PlanConducting and analyzing satisfaction with the quality of educationInternal auditsMonitoring, measuring, analyzing and improvingNon-conformity managementDocument and method controlQuality guideQuality objectivesManagement of risks Quality management system regulation

Target and goals

The purpose of the department: Monitoring, ensuring the collection, processing and analysis of information on the actual state of affairs in the education quality system. Department tasks: Maintenance of the functioning and improvement of the quality management system (QMS) of MSM in relation to educational, scientific and innovative activities to increase the satisfaction of consumers […]