Chonoev Azizbek Nishanbekovich Head of Sector ITD ISM Togataev Adilkhan Zhoraevich Sector Engineer ITD ISM Bondarenko Sergey Nikolaevich Sector Engineer ITD ISM Asanbekov Alisher Nurkamilevich Sector Engineer ITD ISM Matveev Mikhail Alexandrovich Sector Engineer ITD ISM

Targets and goals

Information Technology and Digitalization Sector of IUK The IT&D ISM sector was created to provide support for the entire ISM infrastructure in terms of information technology and digitalization. Goals Development of information technologies within the framework of MSM activity. Maintaining the MSM network in a working condition. Ensuring uninterrupted operation of equipment and users. Automation […]


Eastern Medical Campus: Head of ITD ISM, office 502 Morphological corpus: engineer ITD ISM, office 501 University Clinic IUK: engineer of ITD ISM, office 501 Contacts e-mail: tel: +996 (312) 53-03-35