Targets and goals

The purpose of the department: Organization and optimization of the educational process, monitoring the implementation and improvement of educational programs together with the faculty and students of the International School of Medicine Department tasks: Normative support of the educational process for educational programs; Methodological support of the educational process; Improvement of the educational process; Planning […]


Regulations on the educational and methodological associationOrder No. 227 of 11.10.2019 as part of UMO-2019Order No. 149 of 03.11.2020 (Composition of UMO UNPK IUK – 2020)Order No. 101 of 05/07/2021 (On approval of the composition of the UMO UNPK MUK – 2021)Work plan of the Educational and Methodological Association UNPK MUK for 2019-2020Work plan of […]