Eastern Medical Campus

The medical faculty of the university (International School of Medicine), operating since 2003, has accumulated significant experience in the development of medical education and science, based on the traditions of academic medicine of the Soviet school and new technologies of teaching and research. Currently, the International School of Medicine occupies the Eastern Medical Campus of […]

Morphological building

The main goal of creating the Research Educational Morphological Corps of the International School of Medicine is the integration of the educational and scientific process, as well as theoretical-methodological and practical-organizational support of the learning process and improving the quality of educational services in the disciplines of the morphological profile on the basis of a […]

University clinic IUK

The University Clinic of the International School of Medicine of the Non-Profit Educational Institution of the Educational-Scientific-Production Complex “International University of Kyrgyzstan” (MSM “MUK”) has the following subdivisions: – Erkay Medical Center– Medical Center “Kind Doctor”;– Multidisciplinary medical clinic “Remedium”;– Simulation Training Center;– “Medical Center of Professor Kozhakmatova”. Thanks to the ISM University clinic “IUK”, students have access to examination […]

Student Campus

The student campus of the International School of Medicine ISPC “IUK” has the most modern infrastructure and conditions necessary for students to live. ISM dormitory has 204 spacious and comfortable rooms, which are equipped with bathrooms with hot and cold water, bunk beds, study tables, chairs, wardrobes, smoke detectors, and students are provided with 24 […]

About us

Clinical Practice Center (CPC) in Tokmok is a structural subdivision of the IUK International School of Medicine, which trains foreign students in the specialty “General Medicine” and provides access to clinical practice. The purpose of the CPC is to create favorable conditions for meeting the educational needs of foreign students and their professional and personal […]