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Classrooms and laboratories

The lecture halls are equipped with multimedia equipment that significantly expands the learning opportunities.Classrooms and laboratories for practical training are equipped with microscopes, visual aids, stands and posters, tables, macro- and micropreparations.The educational process at the Department of Pathology is conducted at the Faculty of General Medicine in English in accordance with the standard and […]

Research work

Research work: The organization of research work in the department is carried out in the following main areas: – organization of research activities of the teaching staff;– organization of publishing activities;– organization of students’ research work (SRWS);– training, retraining and advanced training of teachers. Students’ research work plan Research work (planning and reporting) RWS (preparation […]

Disciplines – AMC

Academical and Methodological Complexes For methodical work: continuous improvement of the educational and methodological activities of the members of the department; improving the quality of educational and methodological support of the educational process; development of recommendations for the use of new and progressive learning technologies; participation in the preparation of new programs, textbooks and manuals […]

Studying process

Department of Pathology Curriculum: Curriculum (5 years) 2022-23. Professional development work plans Curriculum (6 years) 2022-23. Individual work plans of teachers Subsequence: Sequence of disciplines for the 2021 -2022 academic year The sequence of disciplines for 2022-2023. Educational schedules: Schedule 2course 4 semester Schedule 3 course 5 semester Schedule 5 course 10 semester Schedule 2nd […]


Belov Georgy Vasilyevich Professor of the department Zhanybekov Iliyas Zhanybekovich Head of the Department Amanbekov Ilyas Amanbekovich Assistant Uraimov Elaman Assistant Toktobekov Azat toktobekovich Assistant Muzaeva Aichurok Ryspekovna Specialist Abykeeva Dinara Muratbekovna Instructor Khodzhamberdiev Igor Bahabovich Instructor Alysherova Aizat Sabyrovna Instructor Amanbekov Akyl Amanbekov Instructor

About the Department of Pathology

Head of the Department Zhanybekov Iliyas Zhanybekovich Senior instructor Contacts: Address: 720000, Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, 100/1 Leo Tolstoy Ave. Tel: +996 500 147 300 Email: About the department The Department of Pathology was formed in October 2020. The Department of Pathology is an educational and scientific structural subdivision of the medical faculty of MShM […]